Eddy Amoo's funeral at The Metropolitan Cathedral

Along with hundreds of other people I attended Eddy Amoo's funeral at The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ The King today.

Eddy, who was 73, died of natural causes last month on February 23rd in Australia.

Members of the family took part in a very emotional service, his eldest grandson Stanley gave a reading, as did his youngest grandson Joe. The priest who visited the family told of Eddy’s love for his wife, children, grandchildren and his great grandchild. 

His eldest daughter Dionne gave a eulogy on behalf of her sisters and mum Sylvia, she said: “Our dad was very much a family man, and us girls were loved and nurtured." Abbey French who spoke on behalf of his grandchildren and great-granddaughter said: “You were everything to me, thank you for always caring, thank you for always being there.”

Eddy’s brother Chris Ammo delivered an emotional euology, in which he described his brother as the hub of the family, and the one person everyone would go to with their problems. He continued by saying Eddy was his rock and right-arm. Chris described Eddy as "a ghetto kid with a dream." He told the congregation that The Real Thing would carry on performing because that is what Eddy wanted.

Following the final prayers of the Mass, Eddy’s grandson Joe Gaudion performed an emotional  Acapella version of Amazing Grace, before Eddy’s coffin was taken from the Cathedral outside into glorious sunshine.

Eddy’s family are setting up the Eddy Amoo Foundation Trust for Aspiring Musicians and are asking for donations to the trust in lieu of flowers. Donations can be made via this link

This Just Giving page has been set up in his memory to raise funds for aspiring artists, much like he was in his youth in Liverpool.

Today Liverpool lost another musical icon and he will be sadly missed.

Rest In Peace Eddy!

Bob Edwards - Picture Liverpool