Giant Spectacular 2018

Royal De Luxe and the Giants created by artist Jean-Luc Courcoult are making their third and final visit to Liverpool. This time the Giants are visiting over the weekend of 4 - 7  October and the theme is Liverpool's Dream. 

The Giants returning are Xolo the dog, the Giant and Little Boy Giant who has never been to the UK before.

In the last emergency meeting of the City of Liverpool
We have observed a piece of information
of a very special kind.
Ot would seem a small boat
Named the Neptune
Has brought back a fishing net
Lost on the sea,
In which was imprisoned
The worlds biggest sandal.
It’s the size of a sperm whale
It looks like a Ladybird
Caught in a butterfly net.
The beast was suspended
At Canning Dock near the ship
that brought it back.

In Liverpool
dreams are strange.
They take you by surprise,
and run through your veins, like night trains,
without station,
slumbering on the infinity of the tracks
destined to lead somewhere.
This neverland.
The last dream of this Giant we left as a Diver turned him into a shipwrecked castaway, lost on a raft.
Liverpool is a storm,
one of those that tears off the sailors’ bodies.
Despite his strength the sea propelled this Giant far from his raft.
Trampled by the waves,
Tossed into the ocean’s torrent
smashing his face against the freighters,
he ended up floating,
far from everything…
He found himself lying on a beach, in New Brighton :
a survivor, a migrant forced to forge a new memory for himself.
Some Liverpudlians found his raft very far away in the Arctic.
And brought it back to Canning Dock
So that he could leave at last…

©Jean-Luc Courcoult, author-Director, founder of Royal de Luxe

The Giants Raft


NEVER wake a sleeping Giant… especially a 20ft tall Little Boy who needs his rest before exploring the streets of Liverpool.

Photograph from Thursday during Liverpool’s Dream, the Little Boy Giant slept in St George’s Hall ahead of his walk

The Giant in New Brighton on Friday 5th October 2018…

Day Two - Mann Island

Jean-Luc said: “It was only a story about giants who were passing brought Liverpool to carry the crowds dreams above the tides.
“Liverpool is bleeding and will always bleed in our hearts. From the heart of this company I hold you in my giant arms. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Photographs are available to buy on SmugMug

All photographs © Bob Edwards Picture Liverpool