Dinosaurs Unleashed - Liverpool ONE

A futuristic dinosaur experience launches in Liverpool ONE from 29 March - 2 June 2019  in time for the school holidays.

Liverpool ONE has teamed up with a crack team of dinosaur educationalists to provide all the prehistoric know-how any would-be palaeontologist needs. Teach Rex work with schoolchildren across the country bringing the pre-historic era to life in the classroom.

National Museums Liverpool is also working with Liverpool ONE and has welcomed children to its Dinosaur Gallery at the World Museum in William Brown Street since 1987.

Download ‘Discover at Liverpool ONE’ from the App Store or Google Play to unleash a Dinosaur-filled adventure like no other.

Players will even be able to take their dinosaurs home, share images and videos with their friends and are encouraged to keep their pre-historic friends well fed and well exercised.

Some preview images showing what you can expect to see...

All photographs © Bob Edwards Photography - Picture Liverpool